4000+Best ChatGPT Prompts SEO Writing 2023

Get More than 4000+ Best ChatGPT Prompts for SEO Writing, Rewriting, Post Outranking, and Copywriting. Find useful chatgpt Prompts for GPT 3.5 and GPT 4.

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Best ChatGPT Prompts SEO Writing

Chat GPT is a tool that bloggers have tried at least once. Also, I have seen lots of blogs that get Adsense Approved / get good traffic by posting articles from Chat GPT.

But if there is no impression from the blog posts you write on Chat GPT, there is a mistake in the way you write the post on Chat GPT or so High Competitive Keywords.

How to Write SEO Article using Chat GPT?

Write a blog post about “SEO Keywords for lawyers”

Given this, it is difficult to get a quality output. What you say to Chatgpt, you need to describe exactly how you want the post to be written. If you want to create a proper prompt manually, do some research on prompt engineering.

4000+ Chat GPT Prompt List

This post is about AIPRM Chrome Extension which has 4000+ prompts. AIPRM is an extension with more than 4000 Valuable Chat GPT Prompts.

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What is AIRPM Extension?

Best ChatGPT Prompts AIRPM

AIPRM is an extension with more than 4000 Valuable Prompts. You can search AIPRM on Google and install it.

Anyone can add their prompt to this. You can make it public for people to use, or you can save your prompt privately.

So there is a list of prompts added by users in this AIPRM. Also, if the prompt is good for us, we can vote. You can also filter the best prompts with the most votes.

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You can search for the prompts you want. It has many prompts for Rewrite, SEO writing, and Outrank.

Articles which are a problem for many people have good prompts that are not detected by AI. (There is no problem with AI detection, but even if it is 100% human, it does not matter if the article quality is not there.

How to Install AIRPM?

01. First Go to Google and Search AIRPM Extension. Also, You can Get this Extention from the Browser’s Extention Web Store.

useful chatgpt Prompts

AIRPM Website

02. Then Add the Extension to Your Browser and Sign In Using Gmail or Your Email.

Now Go to the Chat GPT website and You can Access 4000+ Chatgpt Prompts with just one click.

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