Google Adsense H5 Games Tutorial 2023

Adsense H5 Games Tutorial

H5 Games Tutorial: Developers who develop HTML 5 Games with HTML, CSS, and JS can monetize those games with these Adsense H5 Games Ads.

What are H5 Games?

If you don’t know about HTML 5 Games, if you haven’t played them, search for Game Snacks. This platform is published by Google itself.

Also, H5 collaborated with Mr. Beast, the most popular Stumble Guys game.

Stumble Guys Game
Stumble Guys Game

Why are web games important?

01. One is that you don’t need to download these games. That’s why there is no separate storage for the game.

02. These have low RAM and can be played even on a 3G network.

03. The other important thing is that these can be played on any OS on any device.

How to Make money with Adsense H5 Games?

You have to make the game, host it, and do the ad placement. In this, you can use the Ad Placement API.

High-Perform Ad Formats in H5 Games


Full-screen ads that play when a level is up in the game / or when you get out.


The person who plays the game can choose whether to play the ad for an in-game reward. (For Coins, Gems, Lives…)

adsense h5 games structure
Adsense h5 games structure

H5 Games Tutorials

There are plenty of HTML 5 Games Dev Tutorials on Udemy and YouTube for those who want them. Those who like can try it.

You can convert your HTML 5 game to a single webview app and integrate it with Admob.

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