What are EEAT and YMYL?

People who start a blog have 2 main questions. One is that you cannot select a niche. The other thing is doing keyword research.

What is the Best Niche?

If you are a writer,

To select a niche, you have to start writing about what interests you the most.

Since I know about Adsense, I am posting a little about it. So it’s easy for me to post something I know about something I’m interested in. You can also teach others about it in a way they understand.

If you know cooking, you can post recipes. If you know gardening, you can do something like that. You can write about something related to your job, profession, or hobby.

If you have read the previous posts, you know that most of the things I have experienced are posted here. I tried it and got the result. So it is easy to write about something that you have experienced.

If you are hiring a professional writer

A professional is not someone who pastes the piece and the rephrased piece together with an AI tool. For someone who has done self-research and writes to fit the E-EAT Quality Rater Guidelines without Language and Grammar Errors.

Even if such a person does not have experience and expertise in every profession in the world, he can write about something he does not know as if he knows it. You need to have good language, research, and writing skills.

What is YMYL?

What is YMYL? If you study niches or SEO, you must have heard about this. YMYL is an abbreviation of Your Money Your Life.

That means that your content can affect someone’s money or life.

The main niches in this are Finance, Health, and Legal Advice.

“What does it feel like to have a cancer? “

For example, without the advice of an expert with experience in an issue like this, if a person with no medical background receives wrong advice from a blog, it can even harm his life.

In the medical posts you have seen, the articles are written by a doctor or someone with similar knowledge. And that post has been reviewed by another such professional expert. Then the chances of making a mistake are very low.

What is EEAT?

E-EAT is a short name formed from the first letters of Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.


This means that the content you write on the blog is about your life experience or first-hand experience or about something that happened to you.

If you are writing about Sigiriya, it would be good if you could write about the history of Sigiriya, the way you got there, the prices of the tickets, and the experience you had there. And those who watch can also enjoy reading.


This fact tells you how much of an expert you are in this field. The topic of the person writing the content is the knowledge and skills of the subject. You can show your expertise in that field with Degrees, Certificates, and Work Experience.

I will post how to make these things in a blog and content in the next posts.


This means how much your blog is talked about in the industry and how much acceptance you have.

Currently, we believe the information on a website that was created about 2 weeks ago or the information on a site with a big authority like Wikipedia.

If your blog is recommended by experts in that field, your authority will increase.


This means things like the accuracy, transparency, and legality of your content.

You have an online store. There are no reviews on it, and no one has recommended it. If only the payment option and the product are listed, many people don’t have confidence in your site, so there is less chance of transactions.

But if many people recommend it with good reviews, your site’s product quality is good, if your site has good UI UX, and if you have linked sites like Trustpilot, then there is a high chance that your site will be trusted and payment will be made.

This is not only for stores, but even if you recommend your content on blogs, visitors will increase and you will be able to get a good income.

So if you are writing articles for a YMYL niche, this will be important. I will bring forward about Low Competition Niches and keywords.

Thank You for Reading. If you have any Questions Please Leave a Comment.


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