Google Adsense Tutorial October 2023

Google Adsense Tutorial | Part 01 💲

I thought of starting a post-series about Adsense blogging. Let me tell you the things I know. First, let’s see what Adsense is.

[Example] Imagine there is a phone shop. So, first of all, there are few visitors to the shop. The reason for this is that people do not know about the shop. So the solution to that is advertising. You can use things like posters and banners. If a relative has a red cloth around his neck, it can be used in TV ads. You can also use methods like FB ads, and Google Ads.

Now let’s look at Google Ads. As said before, you can do an advertising campaign for the shop with them. In this, you can customize what kind of audience you want to show ads to.

So, in this way, many big companies around the world are investing huge amounts of money in this Google Ads Campaign.

TV ads are on TV. Then where are the ads shown in this Google Ads campaign? Enter Google Adsense for this game now.

google adsense tutorial
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Google Adsense

If you have a website, you can also join the Adsense program. If your site matches their program policy, you can join the Adsense program.

What they do with this program is to “display the Ads Campaigns that have come to Google Ads, on the [Adsense Approved] websites that have joined the Adsense Program.

[What about YouTube ads, Admob? About not talking about this post series ]

Google is currently the search engine with the most users. Ads are displayed according to the content on the website. Also, methods like demographic targeting are used when displaying ads.

The example we took earlier, the phone shop in Sri Lanka, is useless to show to someone in Ethiopia. The one doing the ads campaign can customize things like location, and keywords and create a targeting audience.

google adsense tutorial 2023
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You can try this, when you go to a site from a country like Denmark with a VPN, ads related to that country and in that language will be shown the most.

Now you know how ads are displayed on a site. Then how do we get money from this?

It was said earlier that companies are putting money into ad campaigns. Here, a part of the money received by Adsense pays us to display their ads on our sites.

Actually, Adsense is approved and ads are displayed on our site, but we don’t pay. If visitors to our site click on ads or Impressions are paid.

First I wanted to give an explanation. Comment on the things you don’t understand.
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I am thinking of giving some free hosting for about 5. Let’s go ahead.

In the next post, I will show you how to do this from the beginning. Those who want updates should follow the page.

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So, Thank You for Reading. I’ll Publish a series of blog posts about Google Adsense. I already wrote 9 Blog posts. Stay with Mmozape.


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