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Programmatic SEO

In this Article, we Discuss Programmatic SEO, Programmatic SEO tools, Programmatic SEO Python, Programmatic SEO WordPress, and Programmatic SEO Examples. Let’s go to the Articles.

What Is Programmatic SEO?

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Programmatic SEO (pSEO) is really not a topic that had a big hype at the beginning of this year, that is until 2023. Still can’t find even 200 contents in SERP.

How does Programmatic SEO work?

This allows us to use pSEO for sites that publish Blog Posts, Articles, and Landing Pages in the same format as for Blogs and Directory Sites.

Said in the same format,

  • Top 5 Hotels in Colombo
  • Top 5 Hotels in Kandy
  • Top 5 Hotels in Jaffna

Here are posts like this. You will understand this when you see how to complete the post step by step.

In this workflow, automatically add data (in your Dataset) to a base template that we have.

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Step by Step Programmatic SEO

How to Find a Niche
How to Find a Niche

Step 01: Find a Niche

First, we need to find a suitable niche for this. You have to research this and find out that it is low competition.

For example: Phone specs, PC specs, Watches, Liquors, and any suitable niches.

Hint: As we all know GSMArena, the website that has phone specs, the landing pages go to the same format.

Step 02: Find a Dataset

After finding a niche, the most important thing is to find a suitable dataset.

A dataset means you are designing a site about phone specs, you need a suitable dataset.

NamePublish YearPublisherStorage
iPhone 122023Apple Inc512GB
Iphone 122021Apple Inc128GB
S20 Ultra2020Samsung256GB
Programmatic SEO Dataset Example

Here, something like this is called a Dataset. In this, you can increase the number of Data Columns in the DataSet, [ name, publisher, year, ROM, RAM, ports, …. ]

If we have everything we can post about a phone like this, we can increase the quality of the landing page of our post.

How to find Dataset?

A dataset is a CSV or Excel file as shown in the above example. This is the hardest and most important part. If you don’t have a quality dataset, you won’t get a good output.

You can use the 3 methods below to find a dataset.

Method 01: Download Dataset

You can download a dataset from a site like Kaggle. You can view it before downloading. If you find such quality, you can do the job properly.

Method 02: Google Droks

You can also use Google Droks to find a good dataset.

Method 03: Google Dataset Search

Google Dataset Search is another method to find a dataset. you can find CSV and Excel files From it.

Method 04: Data Scarping

If you can’t find a quality dataset, the next thing you can do is try the Data Scraping method.

In this, we create our own dataset by scraping data from posts and landing pages published on other websites.

For this, you can use Python and write a small code.

Method 05: Use API Dataset

You can get data from an API. From a site like Rapid API, you can buy an API with data that fits your niche.

Now you have a dataset suitable for a niche.

Step 03: Create a Base Template

Next, you need to create the base template. That means making the template of our landing page where the data should come in our dataset.


Phone Name: [Phone_name]

Model number: [model_num]


In this case, the data in our data set will be replaced in these places. When one Row is finished, it should be saved as .html and a new file will be created for the next one, this should be automated.

You can use Python code for this too. You can rename the file name from the data in the [phone_name] column. If more images are added like that, they can be added to the dataset and the landing page can be enriched.

At the end of this step, landing pages will be generated to match the number of rows in your dataset.

STEP 04: Generate Articles

Now you have to put this on your website. If the files are generated correctly, you have to upload everything to the desired file path from the C-panel.

TIP: You can make this more creative by changing the website a little.

Instead of just showing landing pages, you can attract more visitors if you put options that compare phones.

What are the Problems in pSEO?

This requires general coding knowledge. I used Chatgpt and wrote a lot of code in this. But if you have learned how to check their errors like that, it is worth it.

Next, Indexing. Even if we upload about 10000 posts at once, not all of them will be indexed at once.

You can try things like creating internal linking, creating separate pages for Samsung All models, and Apple All models, using backlinks, and using indexing API.

So, This is the End of This Tutorial. If you Like to Learn More about Programmatic SEO Leave a Comment.


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