High CPC Keyword Method 100$/Day

In this article, we discuss the Best practical CPC Keyword Methods. Read The Full Post and Do your own research after That.

This is a method that worked well 2 months ago. Recently, I have not found a free site that works properly for this. So only those who want to continue reading.

First of all, you need to hit YouTube with High CPC Adsense or something like that query.

After that, you will be shown Video Tutorials and shorts.

Now you want to see how much the CPC is shown in the Adsense Dashboard of the videos.

When you find one with such a high CPC (>10$),

Now pause those videos and see his Adsense Publisher ID in the URL.

Now what you have to do is enter the Pub ID taken from that video on a site that comes up after Googleing Adsense Reverse ID.

After that, you can check which domains are connected to that Publisher ID, that is, to that AdSense account.

Since you have the domain of the site, you can go to those sites and get a basic idea about keywords.

You can do even better if you use a tool like Semrush.

After adding the domain to Semrush Competitor Research, you can check the keywords, CPC, and other details of that site.

The current problem with this is that the Free Reverse ID site is asking for a payment. I have not tried to pay. That is why it is not recommended to do so.

The other thing is that people who make YouTube now blur the Pub ID because they know that Seen. Or taping. Covering. But you can find as many IDs as you want. Adsense Reverse ID Sites are no longer free.

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