Fixed: AdSense Pin Verification Failed

Fix AdSense Pin Verification Failed

Didn’t get the Adsense Pin? In this post, we discuss the Best methods for Fix AdSense Pin Verification Failed.

To receive payment from Adsense, we have to verify the Adsense Payment Address first. To verify, we must have reached the Verification Threshold.

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Adsense Thresholds

There are 5 Main Thresholds in Adsense.

01. Tax Information Threshold – $0

02. Verification Threshold -$10

Ads played on our site and the balance of the Adsense account must be 10$ to request the pin. (Those who don’t have $10 yet, send

03. Payment Method Selection Threshold -$10

04. Payment Threshold -$100

When we reach 100$, the withdrawal will be made to the given bank account. If you want, you can increase this payment threshold with the Payment Schedule Option. (like withdraw when it reaches 500$)

05. Cancellation Threshold – $10

If you cancel your Adsense account, if your account balance is more than 10$, you will receive the payment within 90 days. So now back to the post.

Now we know about the Adsense Verification Threshold. When your account balance reaches 10$, you can request the Adsense Pin.

Before you request the AdSense pin, you need to check whether your address and personal details have been entered correctly.

Adsense says that you will receive the letter with the pin within 2-3 weeks after you request the pin.

If the pin does not come, if possible, go to the post office and wait. Otherwise, you can request the pin again after 3 weeks.

That way you can request the pin 3 times. Every letter you request comes with the same pin, so you can use any letter and do the verification.

It has been said that if you are unable to complete the verification within 4 months after your threshold has been reached, the ads on your site will be stopped.

Adsense Pin Troubleshooter

If you have not received the letter from Adsense even after requesting the pin 3 times, you have been given an option called Adsense Pin Troubleshooter.

To do this, you must have requested all 3 Pins.

How to Verify Google Adsense Without PIN?

01. First, Search Google for Adsense Pin Troubleshooter.

02. Go to that site from the first result.

03. Give Yes or No to the Radio Buttons.

04. Submit the document requested for verification.

05. Your account will be verified after the review process if the Documents are right.

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