Quick Adsense Approve Using YoFan 2023

Adsense Approve Using YoFan

This is also a method that worked 3-4 months ago. Adsense is still getting approved but some of their requirements have increased now.

What is YoFan?

This platform is YoFan. Some people may have heard. This was published last year, that is 2022.

This is a Social Media Platform like Instagram. When I first did this, I got AdSense Approve within an hour.

TIP: When you search for Approved Adsense Platform, you can find some Adsense Approved platforms.

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What are Yofan’s Requirements?

In this case, we had to post 30 posts first. After that, those posts need 10000k views.

Those two requirements were needed to earn from Ads. Or we created our account and added the profile link to Adsense and got approved in about an hour.

Getting views is not a big deal. In those days, even if you come from the same IP and refresh a post, views are added.

So only a small piece of Automate Python Code was needed for those requirements.

Now there is a new requirement, we need 50 followers. This platform is not that popular. That’s why there is no fanbase like FB and Instagram.

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yofan logo
yofan logo

Yofan Adsense Tricks

But you will be able to find the group on FB like Yofan sent sub to sub. If so, the work can be done from there.

Updated: 30% of the revenue from this will be shared with Yo Fan. We get 70%.

Now the time to get approved has increased. When I finally tried, it took about a day to approve. It’s not even close.

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