How get Adsense Approve Sinhala Content?

Adsense Approve Sinhala Content

In this Post we discuss all about Adsense Approve Sinhala Content. Read the full article to learn all the secret methods. After reading the full article you can get approved adsense for your sinhala letter blog.

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Will Adsense be approved for Sinhala sites?

Yes.. It is in the big news sites in Sri Lanka. They are not adsense premium publishers. Then how can small people like us in Sri Lanka get Adsense Approval by making Sinhala Language.

Since before, many people have tried different methods to do this.

Here’s how to do it.

  1. We don’t type in Sinhala letters and post the content directly.
  2. First of all, we type the content of the article in Word and export it as a PDF.
  3. Now we convert the exported PDF with PDF to Image (JPGE or PNG) Online Converter.
  4. Now upload the images in order in our PDF.
  5. It is your job to bring traffic to the site.

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I had to put 70+ articles in this to get Adsense approved. It will take some time, so that’s why. Those who like this can try it. But as we all know, Sri Lanka’s visitors have low earnings. So remember that too. Just gave an idea because everyone said no no.

Thank You all for reading our post adsense for sinhala blog. Leave a comment if you have any problem or question.


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