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How To Use Ahrefs Cookies?

Using cookies is a simple process, and it’s just as easy with ahrefs cookies. To begin, navigate to the Google Chrome extension store and download the Cookies Editor. Install the extension to your browser. If you’re looking to use ahrefs premium cookies, start by visiting the ahrefs home or login page. Next, click on the Cookies Editor Extension, and use it to delete any existing cookies. Now, import the cookies below by copying and pasting them into the import page. Click the import button, and refresh the ahrefs page. If the cookies are valid, you’ll be able to access the site. If not, you won’t be able to log in. Read our full tutorial about how to use premium cookies with the cookie editor.


Kindly inform us immediately if you are unable to utilize the Ahrefs cookies only for educational purposes. We shall promptly provide you with an updated version. It is essential to note that the cookies are exclusively intended for individuals who cannot afford to purchase them and are not meant to be a permanent solution. In addition, we offer notifications for cookie updates on our Telegram channel.

Ahrefs Premium Cookies

Ahrfes premium cookies download